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“It’s good on rice, on eggs — on everything, It’s so deep in flavour.”

Chef Victor Barry, Piano Piano & Piccolo Piano Pizzeria

"XOXO has become one of my all time favorite condiments..."

The heat and texture are perfect, very complex and umami flavor. A high quality sauce that could be used at a restaurant and definitely a staple at home. I’d be lying if I said I don’t think of putting this on every meal I have!

Chef Rafael Covarrubias, Hexagon Restaurant

A love letter to flavour

I was first introduced to XO SAUCE when I started working in Toronto. I further grew my knowledge and appreciation for the sauce when I moved to Hong Kong.

Unfortunately when the first Covid-19 lock down happened it left me with no work for a couple weeks and lots of spare time. I used the time to develop a recipe inspired by my time traveling around Asia and made my first batch of “XO SAUCE” at home for friends and colleagues to try. Being such a unique product and the positive feed back I have received that is how “XOXO SAUCE” was born.

Chef marvin flores palomo, XOXO Sauce & vela


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